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Tips and tricks

  • Move the mouse cursor over the Pixie's window to see information about configured hotkeys.
  • Click and hold the left mouse button anywhere on the Pixie's window to drag it around the screen.
  • You may use the "-" command line parameter to start Pixie in the minimized mode.
  • You may use the "=" command line parameter to define hotkeys when start Pixie.
    • For example, if you want to use Ctrl+Alt+Q for copy HTML, Ctrl+Alt+A for color mixer and Ctrl+Alt+Z for magnifier then use
      pixie.exe =QAZ
  • When you open the color mixer, it will automatically select the current color.
  • If you want to know a color of a particular HTML code, then enter this code to the color mixer's HTML selector field.
  • The easiest way to aim at the magnify area is to press the magnifier hotkey and hold it while moving the mouse cursor around a screen.

If you have discovered another neat trick or have a tip to share then please let us know

Help on Pixie

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