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How Pixie can benefit your safety

Rising number of online threats made security a booming business. The market is crowded with many products that offer you a total protection against viruses, Trojans and other malware. Unfortunately, some of those products are nothing but slipshod made so their vendors can cut-in to a profitable market.

If your protection software reports any malicious code inside Pixie taken directly from our only official site then it is a false alarm. You might better consider changing such protection to more reliable. Probably it is a last thing you would want the faulty software to protect you.

If you prefer to keep your current protection then you may approach its support service to notify vendor and let them fix the issue.

There is no malware inside Pixie. If in doubt, you always can get the complete source code to verify this. You may even re-build Pixie from the code by yourself to be sure.

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